Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Whimsical Garden Fairy

I do like the whimsical style, but it is not my go to. However, when I saw that the latest PaperArtsy Challenge was Whimsy, I felt compelled to enter.
I have been following Tamara Laporte on Lifebook, recommended by Chris Cresswell, and found her video about The Garden Fairy fascinating. She includes so much detail and, unlike me, takes her time. 
So, inspired by Tamara, here is my garden fairy. The words, Love, Hope and Peace are secreted around the picture. I have used a variety of PaperArtsy fresco paints for my background.
This took me a couple of days, which is very rare for me.
So, am entering this into the PA Challenge. 

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Quick watercolour entry

I just looked on the PaperArtsy blog and was surprised that the watercolour challenge was to finish in 52 minutes. So, I rushed around and quickly produced my entry!
First, I found a sunset picture to copy.

I watercoloured a background to look like a sunset. Because the image was on my computer screen,I had to stand up in front of it and quickly get the paint down! What a loon!

I quickly drew some trees in black, using a paintbrush, found that it was a bit fat and used a smaller one and scribbled some branches with a Black Fudeball Pen.
I darkened the foreground and used a fab Alison Bomber stamp which looks wonky but isn't, it was just all a rush!
Entering this into the PaperArtsy challenge!

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Tiny Oil Pastel Portraits

A couple of weeks ago, inspired by an online course "Studying the Masters", I ordered some Sennelier Oil Pastels.
They are deliciously creamy and I needed to play with them straight away.
So, in my tiny 4"x4" pink pig sketch book, I tried my hand at portraiture.
I began by drawing myself, through the mirror, using the pastels and so that I wasn't too precious about it, I worked on top of some printing that was waiting to be finished. Was quite pleased.

Next, from a photo, I created an image of my Granddaughter Rose.

Then my son Richard.

And finally, my crafting friend Deborah!

I was pleasantly surprised at my efforts and need to do more! 
Taken me ages to get around to blogging them! 

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Joseph Roulin

The second of my studies about Vincent was his oil painting of his friend Joseph Roulin. This is his painting above.
A scary project to try as there is so much detail and so much to go wrong.
Under the guidance of Jeanne Oliver I had a go, and was surprisingly pleased with my efforts. 

I began by making a sketch in charcoal.

Next, I white gessoed over the whole thing and then added some umber acrylic paint both on Joseph and for the background.

Next the green background and touches here and there.

Worked on the face and beard and began to create the wallpaper.

And my finished piece. I have learned loads about mixing his colours and layering for depth. Enjoying a great course and I am going to do more work inspired by Vincent. 

Woman Knitting

A few days ago, I embarked a new online course by Jeanne Oliver entitled, Studying The Masters.
First to meet is Van Gogh.
I learned something about the man, his influences etc and then Jeanne sketched and painted her version of the woman knitting. Here is my version. Happy with it.

Friday, 5 January 2018

52 card, week one.

Happy New Year everyone!
I have been sadly lacking in the blog department recently, but hope that the new year will bring fresh vigour and inspiration.
I am joining in with a 52 card challenge on a group led by Chris Cresswell and here is my first card.
I don't usually choose to work so small, so, I am somewhat out of my comfort zone, but, that is good.

I began by covering my card with a selection of neutral fragile papers and washed over them with sepia ink and a baby wipe.
Next, I added some Grungepaste circles and coloured them with Black Knight infusions. 
I rubbed over the circles with treasure gold and "Frantaged" the edges of the card with Heat embossed powders.
To finish, some gold lace , a couple of characters from TH Christmas art dolls, which I coloured with portfolio pastels, and words from Chitchat. 
only 51 more to create!
I would like to enter this into the PaperArtsy ATC challenge. 

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Upcycled candle pot

Over on the PaperArtsy blog, the theme is Shades of White .I entered the other day with a card and, on the same theme, created a pot for Pot pourri, using a candle container that was used up.
Its a fairly large container that burned with 3 wicks and while cleaning it out I thought that it would be a good idea to bling it up for Christmas.
I glued some pearl decor ribbon around, which I had bought to cut up strips of pearls to dangle from Headbands, to sell at the school fair and then added layers of lace and ribbon, with a heart from music paper , some fibres and a few jewels.
I stamped some of Emma Godfrey's so useful words from her EEG12 range of Christmas stamps and sentiments and dotted them around inside the pot amongst the Pot Pourri.

Last minute entry to the PA challenge!